A key concept behind the Haimurubushi resort is expressed in the local dialect of Okinawa: Nuchigusui. Literally it means “medicine of life.” And this idea of healing, refreshing and rejuvenating and rebalancing underlies all our efforts to serve our guests and make their stay a pleasant, memorable, and maybe even life-changing one. We combine the natural beauty of Okinawa with activities to re-boot your health and wellness and top that off with natural and wholesome ingredients to create a unique mind-body experience for you.


For promoting healing, beauty, and wellness, Okinawa cannot be matched. Let nature melt your cares away.




The healing touch of our professional staff will lead you to deep levels of wellness, relaxation, peace of mind and contentment.
Far from the busy city the natural herbs and oils and Earth energies will recharge, revitalize and rejuvenate you.

Body Therapy

Tingahra Body

60 Minutes (JPY13,200)

Tingahra Full Body

90 Minutes (JPY19,800)

Facial Menu

Chura Facial

60 Minutes (JPY15,400)

Chura Deluxe Facial

90 Minutes (JPY23,100)

Combination Menu

Ti-da Relax

90 Minutes (JPY19,800)

Umui Relax

90 Minutes (JPY21,450)

Yukui Relax

120 Minutes (JPY27,500)

Original Menu

Getto Herbal Treatment

60 Minutes (JPY14,500)

Kucha Therapy

90 Minutes (JPY21,700)

Option Menu

Dry Head

15 Minutes (JPY3,300)


15 Minutes (JPY3,300)

Express Facial

30 Minutes (JPY6,820)




We offer the package menu to those guests who put a high premium on the health and wellness elements of their Haimurubushi stay.

Two-Day Package

Chimugukuru Basic

1) Head & Reflexology 60min
2) Chura Facial 70min or Tingahra Body 70min

Total 130 Minutes (JPY26,400)

Chimugukuru Deluxe

1) Tingahra Full Body 90min
2) Chura Deluxe Facial 90min or Thingahra Body+Short Facial 90min

Total 180 Minutes (JPY37,400)

Three-Day Package

Nuchigusui Basic

1) Head & Reflexology 60min
2) Chura Deluxe Facial 90min or Tingahra Full Body 90min
3) Getto Herbal Treatment 60min or Tingahra Body+Short Facial 60min

Total 210 Minutes (JPY47,300)

Nuchigusui Deluxe

1) Tingahra Full Body 90min
2) Chura Deluxe Facial 90min or Tingahra Body and Short Facial 90min
3) Head & Reflexology 60min or Getto Herbal Treatment 60min

Total 240 Minutes (JPY52,800)


Let your fatigue and cares melt away surrounded by the incredible beauty of Okinawa's sun and sea.
Our dedicated professional instructors from +Lotus 8 Studio have created a menu of Yoga activities that has something for everyone.

Sunset Yoga

  • Private Yoga
  • SUP Yoga


Morning Refreshing Yoga

For early birds. Breathe in glorious fresh air and start your day energized and smiling.

60 Minutes (JPY3,500)
Max. 15 persons
Reserve day before

Relax and Stretch (Day class)

Ocean Blue around Kohama Island is sometimes calld "Kohama Blue". Relaxing yoga while looking "Kohama Blue".

60 Minutes (JPY3,000)
Reserve day before

Sunset Yoga

Wind down and relax, watch the sun retire for another day and breathe in pleasure.

60 Minutes (JPY3,500)
Reserve day before

Candlelight Yoga

Get some inner peace and get yourself ready for a great night's sleep under a tropical sky.

50 Minutes (JPY3,500)
Reserve day before

Yoga Under The Stars

Enjoy the night sky and draw energy from the Cosmos. Let nature's energies restore you.

50 Minutes (JPY4,000)
Reserve day before

Private Yoga

Learn the basics of pose and breathing.

60 Minutes
1 Person (JPY6,000), 2 People (JPY10,000)
Reserve day before

Aroma Healing Private Yoga

Relax, release tension and rejuvenate.

70 Minutes
1 Person (JPY7,000), 2 People (JPY13,000)
Reserve day before

Pregnancy Yoga

During pregnancy, you will be feeling stressed by the change of your body and hormone balance. This yoga let your calm down and feel your baby.

75 Minutes
1 Person (JPY6,000), with husband (+JPY3,000)
Reserve day before

Family Yoga

Private yoga class family. Make memories with your family.

60 Minutes
1 Family = max. 4 Person (JPY10,000)
Reserve day before

SUP Yoga

Yoga on a paddle board to keep the balance with panoramic Kohama ocean view.

90 Minutes
1 Person (JPY5,500)
Reserve day before